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North East Accountants and Financial Advice

Investing in an accountant has always been an easy choice for me. Great advice doesn’t usually come cheap but for some reason accountants are relatively cheap. At least when compared to legal advice which can be extremely damaging to the finances. have showed me the way forward. Being about as financially savvy as a carrot I needed to employ someone and have been brilliant.

You could scour the internet for hours and read reviews to you are blue in the face but at the end of the day the most trustworthy reviews come from real people given face to face. How many online reviews are fake? A friend of mine who has been extremely successful in his field of business recommended me accountants north east and I trust him implicitly. He’s not made himself a millionaire by hiring the wrong people.

So after checking out their website I gave them a call. I won’t bore you with my financial situation but I was very happy with the friendly and personal service given to me. They also recommended me some other local companies that could potentially help me out and encourage the growth of my business. Perfect.

Most things in this industry are tough, people are sly and deceitful. It’s good to find a trustworthy company for a change.

make money with oddsmonkey

Online gaming and gambling is my thing so when I heard about this I just had to share it with you. Matched betting is way to almost cheat the system, but in a completely legal way. There are a few sites out there which can teach you how to profit from this but in my opinion the best one is

It costs £15 a month to be a member but they will teach you how to continuously make around £1000 a month. Pretty decent return on investment! Gambling is addictive but this is even more addictive as you can’t lose. You can read an ODDSMONKEY REVIEW here.

If you need to know more you can drop me a message but just read the review and sign up!